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LE GT Electric Windows

My GT LE has electric windows and the left one is getting close to retirement. I have to help it to raise the window.
Moss Europe tell me emphatically that NO MGB's were EVER factory fitted with powered windows, yet I had understood that this was one of the 'extras' that were added to all LE GT's. Am I wrong or is Moss wrong.
Any ideas please?
Suggestions for a suitable new motor for a window winder to replace mine would also be useful please. There may be many available today but mine seem to a fairly flat square unit fixed in the rear bottom corner of each door which then drives via a 'speedo cable' type of device to wind the window up & down. 😉

Karen’s was / is fitted with power windows and as for you Chris as luck has it one of her motors sized up over winter, left one as well. I had a look & took it apart cleaned it and all was ok when it went back again which was all quite easy.
Her motor is a Speedo cable type & the motor looked like a windscreen wiper motor.
Hope this helps.

Bob Hubbard

No electric windows from factory, previous owner installed. Such kits are/were available from Moss, MGOC and various other suppliers, so might be hard to source which kit is used in your car.


Oh well, thanks for your response guys. I had a peep at one or two other LE GT's that were at Abingdon last Sunday and none had e-windows so I guess it can not have been part of the original LE GT spec after all.

Oh well, just have to strip the motor & mechanism down & see if I can encourage some more torque out of it.... 🙂


Hi Chris,
Just read your reply first now, Whenever I have a "new" MGB and the window goes difficult up an/or down I remove the doorcars (and open ex factory plastic carefully) and clean the regulator from old grease and punt new grease back on.
Also I put silicon oil/spray in the gutter in which the glass slides up and down.
It will work much better after that.
Some electric windows work with the ex factory regulator, others with a special designed regulator. But cleaning it up and new grease will surely give some effect.

To remove the door card its best to take first the "beam" of which is connected with the four screws,most of the time you find even a blueish plastic still covering the lower part of the ventilation window .... ex factory.
Time to polish that part .... for the first time in many years.
bst rgds