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I have recieved a Email from Mr Mark Shannon regarding his late fathers LE GT. The car is on the road but not a member of JULE yet.

Can anyone help.? I have his contact details to pass on.

MGB GT LE registration number TRO655W.

My late Father was a former owner of this car. He regularly took part in many MG Club Concours events with it, and some other MG's that he also owned.

I sold the car on my Mother's behalf to a chap on the Isle of Man, called Tim Slingsby, back in 1997. Anyway, I have not tried to get in touch with Slingsby yet, mainly because the car is being taxed in the UK according to the DVLA website.

My Mother has found some of the LE's Concours awards in a box in the loft and I said I would try and find out if the car was still about so the owner could have these items.

Do you have a current owner listed ?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

Mark Shannon

Bob Hubbard