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LE Locking Wheel Nuts

Trying to find some locking wheel nuts for my LE standard alloys. Any suggestions? I have some McGard ones for the V8 Roadster but they do not appear to make one suitable for the LE which appears to have a locating shank on the bolt as the hole in the wheel is bigger than the stud size.


please take a look here:

type in part "6843"

UKP 13.38 each

Of course not sure whether they really stock them, b.t.w. they are not my favorarite partssupplier but their parts catalogue is very detailed.

If you mean a kind of "anti-theft" nuts, there are to my knowlegde they are not available for firment of the Le wheels.

I have mcgard ones for my LE alloys. I think I got them off ebay. They have the tapered end on.

Just had a look through my old emails, the description was:

McGard black locking wheel nuts 24130 sub Rover MG-B models with alloy wheels

Sussex Classic Car Parts

£8.26 inc VAT

Bob Hubbard