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L.E Poster on Ebay

At £+£100 inc post it's a bit pricey & a bit bland if you ask me.

Bob Hubbard

Ridiculous price! It reminds me when in the mid 70's people were trying to sell Pirelli calenders for huge sums of money as they were very 'rare' and hard to get hold of. I had a friend who was a Pirelli 'rep' and had a bootfull of them that he could not give away. He burnt them in the end. Still, I suppose if somebody will pay the price then that is what it's worth. Don't think it will be sold though.

I paid about £60 for mine about 10 years ago and they rarely appear for sale. I love the poster and always wanted to get my hands on one. It's quite large so sits in a wardrobe but at least I've got one :p

Some were produced for the Jubilee and were displayed as the dealerships but not many seem to have remained:(

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