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LE roadster Ebay

Just noticed this LE roadster on Ebay UK:

Or add no.: 272004019646

What do you think about the leather seats in this car ?


Bob Hubbard


It says: "The exterior is finished in, entirely unique, bronze and gold." Now how can that be unique? I have just sold one like this....

It will be interesting to see how long it stays on ebay, even though it is in quite smart condition will it really sell for almost £11k? Nice thought though.

If anyone wants a set of LE Roadster seats in the gold stripe fabric finish, let me know. I have a set in my garage roof!


met the new owner of skaliwag chris at nec seemed lovely and he appreciates what it is!

Hi Michelle
Sorry not to have been able to make NEC...;)
Who did you meet from Vehicle Procurements (the new owners of Skaliwag)?
They got all the history file from me including notes on Barry Sidery Smith who I bought it from.

cant remember his name, you know what its like was talking to 5 people at once but he seemed lovely and sounds like its gone to good home he was telling me he is making a backdrop for his of old garage very cool. hope your well x

Just picked this interesting thread up. Bob, you say "yuck" but the orange deck chair is no better really. If you fit black leather they look cool but its not a true MGB LE then is it? I think those deckchair leather seats are an interesting compromise. Not sure I would pay a bespoke manufacturer say £1500 to make them though (thats a guess).