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I have just listed new decal sets in the webstore I know that Tony want s a set and I'm sure that there was someone else who asked me about some but can't for the life of me remember who-old age creeping in again.

Any way as it stated on the auction can interested parties please bid on the item but as stated don't pay at that stage. As soon as 3 units have been sold I'll then send you an invoice and upon payment get an order underway.

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If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

;);) I like the way these stripes look but how difficult are they to apply. I bought a set of stripes from a vender that had to be pieced together and how long a turn around is it for delivery please let me know by email James gelbman at thank you what is the price american dollars thanks

James, though we don't produce these stripes as we do for the Jubilee, they shouldn't be too difficult to apply for even a novice. Actually they will be far simpler to do than the Jubilee ones.

Looking at how these have been produced, if it were me, I'd dry apply them as follows:

1. Align all the sections on the side of the car using masking tape to get their positions correct.

2. Then when they are all correct, run a fun length strip of masking tape along the top edge of the release tape (the covering masking tape sheet).

3. make certain this strip of masking tape is well adhered to both the release tape and the bodywork, if necessary then reinforce that strip with another couple of layer of masking tape.

4. Starting with the largest section (which I guess is the door graphic) cut through the strips of masking tape where it goes over the panel gaps, then hinge the graphic upwards out of the way. Actually if you prefer you can work in reverse and hinge it on the lower edge if it's more comfortable. Guess you'd have to have a practice run without peeling off the back tape to see which was you feel more comfortable with.

5. Then carefully peel back the backing sheet to reveal the first set of stripes and whilst keeping the vinyl from touching the panel work before you want it to, then gently (using a soft edge blade - we have specific applicator tools for this - you could use a Credit Card if you are careful - it does need to be a flexible friend though!) stroke the graphics from the centre outwards until that section is done. Then continue to pull back the release tape until the next strip is revealed and so on.

6. Once the centre section is done, then adjust the front and rear sections if needed and do as above.

Alternatively, if you have the help of an assistant, then anchoring the graphic at a lead edge vertically and starting from the front and working towards the rear, then you could peel back the release tape in a horizontal manner and apply the graphic in one complete width (top to bottom that is) having your assistant making certain that you are not wandering off the correct path by going up or downwards.

At least the advantage with a Jubilee is that it's at waist height and not a flat on your belly application. 🙂



I currently have two people after a set of stripes/decal set for the GTLE/USLE

Tony Erwood
James Gelbman

but need another interested party to make up the minimum of three. These have been manufactured using an original BL Set so are spot on and the GB special price is £57.50 plus postage. Anyone interested?

If you are one of those waiting for a gold set for your roadster then it shouldn't be too long as I am just waiting on three members to check theirs against some colour swatches-price should be the same and minimum 3.

Many thanks


If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I've been to Moss to check theirs against the colour of the swatches but unfortunately they don't have any in stock, so I've ordered a set which will be with them thursday. Then I can check the colour and get back to you Colin. The problem is that I'll probably have to now buy that set since I've ordered it, which means I'll not be needing the clubs one:(. I hope someone else needs them and you get the orders you want. I maybe able to take them back if the quality isn't good enough. Also you'll be happy to know that the guy at Moss that served me actually said that I'd be better off getting in touch with the JULE club to get more info on them and also told me that JULE sell them as well, obviously I told him I'm a member so already know and that's why I was there with colour swatches. Really nice staff at Moss.:)

I agree with that Phill,one of my sons lives in Stockport and he gets me bits from Moss,which I have preordered over the phone.They don't debit the card until he goes in to collect the bitswhich may be sometime later,cos he only picks them up when he comes back to Wombourne.The guy I have dealt with is named John.:D:D

Yes, I know John well, as well as the other guys in there. I'm impressed that they know the club so well although that maybe because I badgered them into letting me leave a load of JULE leaflets on their counter:D

Got the LE stripes on last week and have been intending to put a photo on for day's - here it finally is! I think they look great and the chap at Simply Stripes made the whole process seem really easy.

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They look fantastic Ken, still got to put mine on yet:|

The car looks really great Ken,There is a whole lot of bodywork to do on mine before its ready to earn its stripes though:@

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