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What is the current state of play re these group buys?

Nell is shortly in for new body panels and a repray, so I'll need a set for an MGB GT LE.

Is there a group buy ongoing for these stripes?



I also need a set of Jubilee stripes, so I'm also interested in a group buy if one is anticipated


Jubilee stripes are a separate supply to the LE stripes group buy and at the moment we've got the stock in to produce them as individual sets if they are required.

Let me know if you are wanting a set currently.



These are ordered via me/Ken and we need three sets min per order-we currently have 1

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Hi Folks

We now have two interested parties for sets of side decals for the GT as per the original set which was reproduced for Ken's.

Aalso if you are in need of a roadster set please let me know as they will soon be available at the same price plus they will fit better than the ones poor Phil recieves from Moss

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Hi to one and all

Apologies for the delay but I am finally almost straight in my new house and will be organising the following group buys at the beginning of feb.

Side stripe kits (L.E) for both the GT & Roadster (approx £60-65 plus post)
Engraved Dash plaques £22 1975 UK jubilee
1975 U.S. special
1979 U.S. L.E (those who have already ordered these need not respond

Welcome Pack includes a certificate of authenticity and a numbered windscreen sticker £8.50



If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break


Yes please, welcome pack and dash plaque. KEV 70 now BS-993-EL. Please let me know to whom I make a cheque payable and where I should send it.

Kind regards. Chris Greenwood

I'm in for the '75 GT Jubilee stripes if they have the correct gold colour.

Payable by CredidCard or cheque?

Hi Colin

I would like to order the following:-

Side stripe kits (L.E) for Roadster (approx £60-65 plus post) one pair.

Please let me know when these are available and when you would like payment. (They are not urgent)

Clive Wilday

Hi Colin,

I am after a set of LE roadster stripes


Steve 07880 601116

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