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LE Roadster???

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Spotted this on ebay!? Something to make you go mmmmm, in a very suspicious kind of curious way:|
Any comments?:)

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I thought all the roadsters were in the bronze colour,and surely those seats aren't original?It looks smart in the photo's though.:o
John Wilkes

It sits high at the front , no spoiler & the gear knob tells me its done more than 30K

Bob Hubbard

I agree with Bob - the front end looks odd and probably more like 130K - maybe a late model roadster or possibly an LE roadster that's had a bit of a front end shunt then been resprayed in pewter? The badge on the front bumper should be red too...

I contacted the guy and got her chassis no. which proved she was way too early to be a genuine L.E. I suggested that he alter his description but he has decided not to bother.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

No surprises there then .... buyer beware. Hopefully bidders at the auction will recognise it for what it is and bid accordingly. £3k - 5k sounds a bit steep to me but I suppose it is a roadster.

It's a one off so guess you could call it a limited edition 😉

My thoughts exactly everyone, for a minute there I thought I was going mad when I saw this. Poor show that the guy doesn't want to change his description as if it's not as described the winning bidder can walk away. He's never going to sell it like that, he'd be better taking the stripes off and calling it a standard silver roadster.:)

Its back!!

Just can't get enough of those lovely bolt on wires:D

I notice that it is still advertised as a limited edition car, despite being informed otherwise but there again I guess it is a home grown limited edition of 1 out of 1;) I have got to admit that pewter does look nice on a roadster.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break
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