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LE Roadster???

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A dealer's got a proper LE Roadster on e bay for £8250,and I see that a "concourse" one has been sold for over£11k, so at the £3250 this starts at ,it will be a good buy for someone who just wants a nice late B roadster.I agree with you about the colour,Colin I think it looks great.I don't like the seats and wheels but a set of minilites or proper LE alloys would really set it off.:DIs it my eyesight or has it got stainless oversills? If so they might hide a mltitude of sins:o

Arrrgh!!!!! MY EYES - I looked at the wheels..........

Unbelievable, the nerve of the guy:D. No wonder it didn't sell the first time, really, any enthusiast would know the difference and anyone with an ounce of sense would ask someone who knows about them to take a look beforehand;). Even so if its a solid car with decent bodywork it'll make a nice car, even if it can't be called an LE.:)

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