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L.E. Stripes sets despatched

Hi to all

As you know I have set up three seperate group buys but for ease, as many have rquested more than one of them, I would like to update on here covering them all.

As you will appreciate I have to place orders for multiple items to obtsin the prices etc and that equally I have to request payment upfront to cover this.

Having gone through all the payments, as I see it, this is the current situation (thanks to all those who have paid)-

(please note that at this stage I have not banked anyones cheques but all thise who have requested welcome packs will be recieving themnext week :D)

Alan Dinsdale-

Nick Taylor-
w/pack- Paid

Neil Harrison
w/pack- Paid

Andrew Love-
w/pack- Paid

Clive Wilday-
LE Stripes- Payment outstanding

LE Stripes- Payment Outstanding

Richard & Cathy-
Plaque - Payment Outstanding

Certificate & plaque- Paid

Tony Erwood-
LE Stripes- Payment Outstanding

Old Poll-
LE Stripes- Paid

Plaque & LE Stripes- Paid

Graham P-
LE Stripes-Payment Outstanding

David Tomkins-
L.E. Stripes- Paid

Paul Adams-
LE Stripes-Paid

MGB Dublin-
Plaque-Payment outstanding (IBAN required?)

Ted Kersey-Brown-
Plaque- Payment Outstanding (now in the post thx)

Bruno Masse-

Gary Nicholson-

Trevor (TCLE)-
Stripes (chq in post

Obviously I am keen to get the orders placed as I am concerned that some members have paid and are still waiting but also in the case of the stripe sets where a minimum of 3 sets are required that those payments are made to secure the order for others.

Can all those who have not paid as yet please kindly let me know if they still want the items within the next 4 days as I will be placing the order(s) on Tuesday and it will be a while before the next group buy takes place?



If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

With all the new stipes being ordered there will be a lot of smart LE's around

Bob Hubbard

The following members welcome packs should arrive soon :D-

Alan Dinsdale
Nick Taylor
Neil Harrison
Andrew Love
Gary Nicholson

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Just a quick note to all those who weren't present at yesterdays meeting with regards to the group buys-

Plaques (Jubilee & LE)- these should be with the engraver today and should be back with me in about 7-10 days/ out to you within a couple of days after that.

GT LE Stripes- are currently being manufactured later this week and will be collected/despatched to me by about the 12th and out to you a day or so after that

Roadster Stripes- as many of you know I have had problems identifying a good material match to these after my supplier said that the roll they had in stock had been discontinued by the manufacturer:(. After lots of emails and calls to both europe and the states I have now found a perfect match and today have just ordered the 3M material in from the states to go direct to the graphics firm-this is on a 5 day delivery but provided that it arrived by early next week they should be despatched with the GT stripes 😉

Please note that I will be cashing everyone's cheques this week-this includes the welcome packs which I have already posted

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break


Just to let you know that all the L.E. Stripes have now been re-packaged and despatched via Royal Mail Special delivery to-

Chris Parrott
Tony Erwood
Steve Whistlcroft
Trevor Chatt

These should be with you on Monday but most likely Tomorrow (early father's day pressie 😀

Tommo has already recieved his over a pint 😛 🙂 and I have Clive's in safe keeping until we meet up on the 8th of September if not before 😉

That leaves Mr Pike- who I need an address from & Tony Williams who's is here ready for him when he returns from Spain.

I think that makes 8 sets.

When you recieve them I would recommend that you take them out or the packaging tubes and lay them somewhere flat and dry until you fit them

Oh and please let me know that you recieve them okay 😉

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break