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LE Stripes - where to stick them!

Hi All,
Had a good question from Mick along the lines of where he should stick his LE stripes. My car has had none on it for many years so I'm no help. I was just going to look at a press or publicity photo and guess.
I assume in the last days of MG there will have been a bit of variation on the exact position but I thought perhaps we could be a bit more scientific and get a consensus on exactly where they should be. Anybody fancy going out in the snow with a tape measure?

Also on the back of Ken's note do we have anyone out there with an original set of BL stripes for the roadster as we need to colour match for the new sets?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Mmmm, never thought of that. Since both sides of my car have been taken off for the re-spray I've no datum for them either. Looking at the MG Car Company "The MGB Limited Edition" flyer I've got, the top of the stripes is level to the top of the rear bumper wrap around. The bottom of the stripes is approx. 10mm above the bottom of the door. The stripes on the repro sets from moss are spaced correctly on the peel off backing so you just have to line up the top and bottom. Is this going to be the case for the stripe sets we are purchasing? I can see a problem though with using the rear bumper wrap arounds as they may not be the same on both sides so I'd probably just make sure they are correct with the door bottoms.

Found some old photo's of my car from the original owner, and by the look of them the original stripes were definately level to the top of the rear bumper wrap arounds and by the looks of it 20mm (2cm) above the bottom of the door.

Ken Smith informed me in an email recently that the guidline from the factory is 8inches below the chrome striping.
That is of course for the black US LE's with silver striping, it seems that the striping is put on by the dealers, not in the factory.
For as the UK LE striping seems to me the same sizewise the same distance might be applicable.