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LE Wheel refurbishment

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Has anyone had their LE alloys refubished as per original? Need to get mine done, thought of doing it myself but not really sure how to without ruining the diamond cut finish too much.
The lacquer is peeling, the paint is flaking and alloy powdering slightly so they need doing to look their best once the car comes back from paint..

Can anyone recommend any companies ideally in the South please?

I tried to do my own and it's dogs work if you don't have sand blasting equipment. I had drills with wire wheels, a random orbital sander and a normal hand sander. I gave up in the end and got a company to do it.

Does sandblasting not damage the diamond cut finish though?

Most wheel places can redo the diamond cut finish on a lathe. Most LE alloys I've seen have been painted silver as diamond cut finishes don't last very long.

I had a Daihatsu Mira Turbo Classic with diamond cut wheels and they went the same way. You could always sand/polish the surfaces back to bare metal and laquer them.

Wheeler Dealers had a set of Alloys polished & they came up real good.
MG had the wheels powder coated with clear to proctect them.

Bob Hubbard

Some more interesting info from Moss

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

The wheel nuts were finished to a Rolls Royce spec & the springs for the center cap are a so & so to get.
I have got some springs for sale if any one is interested. Come & see me at Stoneleigh. After the show I will also post several other rare items unique to our cars up for sale in the parts for sale section.

Bob Hubbard

Just had four LE wheels refurbished by A1 Wheel Renovation Ltd in Wolverhampton.
They were pretty scabby before they went in and are now superb.They have been blasted,powder coated and the diamond finish bits recut,then laquered.The grey colour may be slightly off, but it will take a real anorak to spot that.Cost £65 per wheel
All I need now is to get some new tyres,but that can wait a bit.

Had Karens diamond cut last year but not lacquered, protected with vaseline the grey bits I had done in black.
Any photos of yours John?

Bob Hubbard

These should also be available via the club/exchange in the spring 😉

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break
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