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LE Wheels

Hi All!

I've recently bought a set of LE alloys and from reading the forum now know how the bare alloy bit should look.

Now for a silly request; can someone post a photo of the LE wheel nut? So we can see the top and thread, also can someone tell us the length.

We forgot to ask for the nuts when we got the wheels so are going back for them but we know they are different and don't want to be fobbed off with a rostyle nut 😐

Thanks in advance


Hi Paul

I'll dig mine out tomorrow and send a pic-Are you thinking of changing from wires then?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Ssssh, I might rock the boat with the purists! 😮

I wanted one with alloys but when this one came along I couldn't say no.

I broke a BGT and have all the necessary parts needed, but if I do change from the wires I will be saving everything to put back to original spec.

Many thanks for the help Colin.

I wouldn't worry about it as Steve Weston has done the same. Have you thought about just adding spacers and longer studs to your drive flanges/using your original axle?

The nut has a different shaped flange than the standard 1800 plus the head size is bigger at 1.15/16 accross but the thread size and depth is the same at 1.5 inch.

Hope that helps

Uploaded files:
  • wheel_nut.jpg
If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

It helps me lots Colin. 😀

I'm glad someone else has done it; I won't feel so bad.

I haven't thought of doing that...mmmm.

No problem

It also depends on how good your existing axle is-any clonks/wines etc? if not the spacer option would mean returning to wires would be a doddle plus no need to store an axle. Also the late w/w axle is hard to get hold off as not many were made (brackets for the A/R bar not on pre 77 cars).

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Change from the original wires!!!!!!:o How dare you sir, I now slap you around the face with my floppy gauntlet!!!!:D
Only joking mate, was thinking about it myself to be honest, especially after cleaning the wires up the other day. They now look amazing but what a pain in the proverbial:@ The alloys would be far better maintainence wise. Never thought of using spacers instead of the whole axle replacement......very interesting;)

A slap with a floppy gauntlet!!! 😮

I've got the wheel nuts now and they were the right ones. I needed to make sure in case I got fobbed off with rostyle ones. Can't wait to refurb them now.

Wires never come up as clean as you'd like unless you paint them 😉

Ok point taken:D