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LE with delivery mileage

while having my car MOT'd (Saab not Jube) I notice an LE in the used car sales section. Apparently bought as an investment direct from the works, it has done only a few hundred miles, mostly on the way to Sheffield 32 years ago! Owner thinks it is worth £20k!!!

Not sure it was ever registered as it has no plates on it.


Yes well it just might be, the garage at Paington in Devon had a fully restored BGT LE that they sold for fifteen grand or so he said, this was a couple of years ago while we were discussing my project,all I can say is that it's music to my ears now mine is finished.:)


If you buy one with low mileage or less what do you do with it? Do you trailer it to shows, enjoy driving a low mileage car? As you would be adding miles to it is it losing value? Aslo, if it's involved in an accident what value would the insurance company pay out?


I remember very well that my UK-LE with a mere 10,500 miles just two years ago needed gaskets changed of the engine and a lot of other hoses, the engine really "sweated" oil and fumes.
During a MGCC-Holland tour we blaimed the MGB in front of us for the oil smell but in fact it was our own car even while driving with top down.
So that kind of repairs can be put on top of a purchase price of a low miles car.
Valuation, well cars can be valuated for insurance, but UKP 20,000 seems a bit on the very high side.
Or you end up - like Clive said - with a trailer queen for show use only if you do not want to drive it.

On the other hand I met once a guy who has two Lamborghini's with zero km in his basement and he says he will never drive them, so one person do collect paintings another might collect cars.

a car was designed to be driven and enjoyed and that is exactly what I would plan to do with any car I own but it's not everyone's choice.B)

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break