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Leaking carbs

So, after many months of non use due to injuring my back (again) and replacing a perished hose leading to the fuel pump, the carbs have now developed a leak from the overflow pipe (the carb nearest the front of the engine). I've disconnected the pump and used all the fuel in the floats. reconnected, loads of carb cleaned spray in to the air intakes (with filters removed) and it was excellent. Job done me thinks. However, next time out its leaking again. I suspect a strip down and clean might be on order but I'd rather leave that to the winter months. Anyone know any "quick fixes" so i can keep using for a few months?? Carb cleaner on the fuel lines directly into the carbs maybe ???

Do I just strip down and clean the carbs on the winter or service the whole thing ???

thanks in anticipation

d'oh wrong forum 🙁

Not a major job, half an hour max
.You will need a new float chamber lid gasket.
In a worst case scenario, you may need a new float & needle valve.
Take the lid off the float chamber.
Remove the float & check to make sure it's not filling with petrol (in which case you'll need another float)
.Clean the needle valve & seat, check the pivot arm for height .
Put it all back together & the overflowing should be stopped.

Thanks John. Is your advice for the HF carbs? I've got HIF and I believe the float chambers are underneath? I remember following your process for my old midget which had the float chamber 'next to' the carb.

Sometimes a good, but not hard, tap to the float chamber can help. 😉

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Yes, HIF carbs are rather more complicated, as the float chamber ( underneath the carb ) has to be removed for any fixing. I did both of mine back in the Spring with a repair kit from Moss. The first problem will be removing the 4 float chamber screws. They invariably corrode in place so get spares in addition. Do all the seals etc; and do one at a time referring to the overhaul sheet that Moss supply with the parts kit.
Allow a full Sunday to do both. You will be very pleased with the improvement in running.