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LED taillights for MGB European style

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For replacement of the standard "tungsten" bulbs with the direct replacements bulbshape LED lights take those in the color needed, not white LED's because it is too bright and will look like a white spot.

For the taillight/brakelight one be sure that the "bulb" has the two fases (5w/21w).
I bought such before over Ebay (from UK) it worked, bought only the red ones.
Believe still have a set mounted in a US MGBLE's - the car is in my whse, hope I have time to make a video and put it on YouTube before overseas departure Tuesday next.
Have even two different types of LED's in red.

PS when changing bulbs please I advise also to clean the lenscover, did that with a liquid kitchen dishwash soap, after soaking in that for a while and cleaning with soft brush the lenses were much cleaner, especially on the inside. Or use a pair of new lenses.

Right then...I've gone for the following style 36 led bulb (rather than the normal 20+ version which only has a flat edge and wouldn't use the reflectors as they should and thus make a spot of light as Rob has said) which to all intents and purposes should offer the same spread of light as the original filament bulb. I have decided to go for white as I want to be sure that the light hue remains close to the original-if it is too pink then I'll order a red pair up. I have now ordered up enough to replace all the indicators plus rear tail/stop lights for the princely sum of about £10 plus postage and will let you see and know my thoughts when they arrive.

One other benefit overe these bulbs is that they will more than likely last for as long as I have the car (50,000 hrs is quoted) so there shouldn't be an issue with being stopped and or fined for having a light out in future:D

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

The Classics Monthly article says there may be an issue with the flasher unit if you change the indicator bulbs, so I await your test results with eager anticipation.The price you mention is certainly a lot better than the Europa Spares price,so if they work alright,please let us Know where to get them.

As the current draw will be much less I'm sure that they should work fine (and hopefully flash even faster) but the real proof will be in the pudding. If they don't work then I've not exactly lost a lot.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

For as I did not have had time sofar to modify the left side of the MGB LE (UK) with the LED boards I could still fit the standard fitting bulbs in the car.
To my opinion you guys here are more served with a video of European style light as with the US style lights.
So with a little help by my wife for the camera work start/pause/start etc. I made earlier today another movie.

Please allow me to explain what you are watching on the LEFT side of the car the direct replacement bulbs, the right side has the LED boards.

1st part from start to 1.03 min, standard tungsten bulb

2nd part from 1.04 min through 2.08 min a LED bulb, discriped on Ebay as:
2x18 LED 1157 380 bay 15d P21/5W Super Flex LED bulbs
priced at UKP 11.95 for a pair, I used RED LED bulb in the video

3rd part from 2.09 min till 3.09 min(end) a LED bulb, discriped on Ebay as:
2x 24 LED 1157 bay 15d P21/5W Stop/Tail LED bulbs RED
priced at UKP 8.45 for a pair, again I used RED LED bulbs

Supplier on ebay "hq autolighting"

These are not the same lamps as where Colin is reffering to above.

Here is the weblink to my second video:

Hi Rob

Thanks to you and your wife for this video, very interesting. The points to note are-

a- how much delay the tungston bulb has in coming on and going off verses the led.

b- the different amaount of light given from the 18 & 24 led-strange that the 24 led appears less effective than the light given from the 18-Do you agree?

It will be interesting to see what difference is made by my samples when they turn up. I'll post a link comparing against tghe tungston aswell-my music will be from the v8 though-sorry!!

Another thing we have to remember in the UK is that we can get into trouble for having lights that are too bright and your US spec ones almost look like the brightness of our rear fog lights-which are illegal to have turned on unless visability is very poor.

Thanks again

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Hi Colin

Thanks for your reply.
Well the delay in the tungsten standard lamp compared to LED is surprising, as soon as LED bulbs are on the left aswell they are have the same lighting up as the LED boards.
When I look at my video's I think the delay in the tungsten can be the difference between being hit or not in some circumstances.
It looks like the tungsten start lighting up much later and also glows longer as the led is already off again.

Hope you have been able to see on flea-bay how the LED bulbs look like which I used.
The 24 leds bulb has 18 leds facing the lamp cover and 6 in a circle round the base of the lamp, these 6 leds do lighten up the reflector of the lampunit.
The 18 leds bulb Super Flux - is more in the shape with layers like you posted above - have 3 leds facing the lampcover and the rest of the leds round the lamp lighten up the reflector.

Also I notice that during stage III of the video with the 24 leds bulbs the weather changed a bit and it was a bit brighter, the whole video is taken on one spot within a 20/25 minutes time frame.

I must admit that during both video's I never switched on the foglamps to compare, simply because I didn't think of it. Why ?
It is my first B with them, all US imported B I had before did not have them and for 1981 (and older) it is not required by law.

In the B the foglamps do work on both sides, I remember well that in the eighties cars with two foglamps had to make in Holland the one on the right side not working and even take the reflecting lense out.
My 1995 RV8 which is new officially imported and sold in Holland has both fog lamps working and they both must work with yearly test !

It is most with laws here (probably overthere also) like when you but LED's in the B it is probably not allowed, but new cars on the market do have them.

Same here with the headlamps, only 55/60w official allowed, a lot drive here with 100w lamps like a welding torch behind you as a kind of cheap alternative to the HID lamps. Nobody checks it here, and with yearly test they only check of the lamp lightens within the frame of the testing machine, not how many watt the lamp is.

Music ? I tried to find a song to go with it. Found Wiskey in the Jar, unfortunately not by Thin Lizzy and put it on, today it is not here anymore ? Not much free choice of music on YouTube actually, no Rory Gallagher or Black Stone Cherry.

Hi i like the look of these bulbs, but i have been trying to improve the panel/clock/dial lights as mine are rather dim, i have fitted some led bulbs but they dont seem to make much difference, only the rev counter seems to show a noticable improvement, any suggestions.

I have been reading this post with some interest.
I have been using LED's in my daily driver with load resistors for a while to kid the electronics that I don't have faulty bulbs due to the low current draw and would highly recommend them.
You need to have load resistors on the indicators to get the flash correct but the latest bulbs come with this integral to the bulb.
On the question of stop lights there is a red led lamp that you can buy that flashes as you apply the brake and then stay on till you release.
The company I use trade online and are called Ultraleds

That said I have found Halfords extra bright stop lamps almost as good as leds and have them in the rear lights on my V8 Roadster.

After having mounted today finally the LED boards on the left side of the car I made a third video which is now on YouTube.
It also includes now a phase with the foglamps on.
The taillights are less bright as the foglamps, the brake lights are similair bright as the foglamps.

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