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Lowering My Jube

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I bought a crossmember lasy year off a 1978 low mileage car which had gone in under the scrappage scheme.
It looked very good and sound when I inspected it ,but after I had it shot blasted,quite a lot of rot was revealed (about 6 holes) on the near side.
So,If youre going to rebuild the front suspension,do inspect the crossmember very carefully when you have it all apart

I've never seen one of them rot before (unless it has been damaged)-it is a very heavy gauge.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Hey just an update with my suspension, and maybe a little worry, I am not sure,

Been driving around a bit, and on full lock and sometimes when braking in traffic, I can hear and feel almost a ping noise (like the spring pinging)

Before I start panicking, is this normal with the run in of the suspension, or is this the aftermath of undoing all the rusty bolts on the suspension and putting them back in?

The noise also might come from the Anti roll bar assembly, not too sure.

Colin,I'll send you a photo of the crossmember before I weld it up.:D
It doesn't look to me as though it's been accident damaged at all,just rusted.It looked to be solid before it was shotblasted so they can rot.

Any ideas on the creaking guys?

Its worrying me a little as I really don't want my suspension to fall apart during a drive 😛

The creaks are justs a little discerning.

I'd firstly double cheek every bolt underneath the car on the suspension and steering. If all are tight, have a look at the suspension bushes. If they all look good, just make sure everything in the crossmember is nice and tight also, as well as the steering column.

Mine definitely didn't creek or ping as your describing however I replaced everything bar the actual shock absorbers and cross member during my suspension rebuild. Just have a good poke around ad hopefully it's nothing

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