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I've had my 1975 Roadster for over 2 years now and enjoy trying to uncover it's history as much as tinkering and driving it. Got back to 7 of its 13 previous owners to the 1990s - still a long way to go!! I was intrigued ti find out that all 1975 MG cars left the factory with gold instead of silver badges (as well as the 751 special editions GTs). Can't imagine many still have their original badges most being lost to time and refurbs etc. I was keen to re badge mine with the jubilee badges and have kept a blog ( of the work and history of my MG i have unearthed to date - as well as a lot of other MG and classic car info i have foundĀ  on the web.

Keep digging on the history of your car and of the Jubilee. It will take years but every so often you will find a little gem of information about it.

The gold badges have a story to tell & the same with the wheel's i.e why they were chosen for the car plus more besides.

Good luck.

Bob Hubbard