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MG 60

I know that this well in advance but hey what the heck!

Sunday 25th September 2022 it is proposed that a celebration of 60 years of the MG B will be held at The British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire.

When more info comes to me I will post the info on this site but for the moment this is all I know I will do my best to see if we can get a section for our club.

Remember MG50 when we had a mile of our cars turning up for that event

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lucasm and David Collier have reacted to this post.
lucasmDavid Collier
Bob Hubbard

Hi Bob,

Good to hear from you, count me in!! it will give us all something to look forward to and put the past year or two years (by then) behind us, i have a feeling it's going to be Sunny that day. (Be nice if it is) that' the first thing in my 2022 diary can't believe that!.

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Bob Hubbardlucasm

Hi Bob

I am certain that you will do your utmost to get a section for the club.

I remember MGB 50 which was a really good with the numbers of JULE cars  attending, hopefully there will be even more for the 60th.

Looking forward to a great 60th and hope to be there.




Bob Hubbard has reacted to this post.
Bob Hubbard

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the heads up on this event. I should be able to make it. It would be great to see a mile tail back of Jubilee's!


I am defintely interested.

I have booked my tickets for this.

I really hope that the Jubilees and LEs can park together on the day. Would be a real shame if they were all scattered about.



lucasm and David Collier have reacted to this post.
lucasmDavid Collier

Hi Simon, I have also booked ticket and priority parking, see you there, Martyn

Simon Lilley has reacted to this post.
Simon Lilley

I am booked in for this event( MGB 60) and the priority parking. It would be good if we could be directed to park together. Hope you are successful Bob.


lucasm and Simon Lilley have reacted to this post.
lucasmSimon Lilley

I’ve got tickets for this, looking forward to it and seeing other jubilee’s and LE’s - hopefully together.