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MG Live 2017

I am planning on going to MG Live on Saturday next week. Are there any other Jubilees attending, if so how about meeting up before so we can at least park together?

Best wishes


I will be no doubt on parking duty/would be nice to see a convoy of our special cars 😀

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Hello All, A good do yesterday, nice drive there and back and got some useful "loot" in the flea- market.
Any I missed ?
T &J.

Well I was there with "Hugh" better known as LHO145N.

Yes. JOA91W was there too, and we had a parade lap too. Greta to see Colin (and I Clive was there as well but I did not see him to speak with him) 🙁

Afternoon Guy's

I was there as well on the Sunday with LE RHP448W on the Under 17 Car Club stand see attached photo.