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MG Wiring Diagram

Hi all
Had a bit of time on my hands today and I found this wiring diagram web site. It tells you every thing you want to know for the MG.
Googd luck.

If the link does not work just paste & google it

Bob Hubbard

Good find Bob - bookmarked it!


happy new year guys my question is a friend has a 1980 plain jane mgb and he has brought up an issue about wiring his car only has 18.000 miles on the clock and if you looked at the wiring you would have questions too this car on the left fender well you have a large block (resister) and all the wiring has all blue female ends. my question is in 1980 did mg have some problems with such wires that the harness had to be worked on? This car is the type of car that you only hear about in magazines and not too readily available on the market. The wires seem to be correct but the outer loom looks as though it was removed and this was inplace either by the dealer. and can this be corrected? it is a shame but it would take away from the price. Did the dealer make corrections on problems that the factory made?:|

Hi James,
Happy New Year.
To my knowledge al electrics are on the rightside fender (were the fuse box is), nothing on the left one.
Please note that US spec. cars hace a lot of rubbish under the hood extra compared to UK/European spec. cars.
1980 US spec. cars in a virgin consition are rare on the side of the ocean (have 2 actually myself).
Please post a picture to make it clear.
Are you in possesion of the wiring diagramm for late US spec. cars ?
I have those, but actually now on a trip in Indonesia, so no acces for me to those now at the moment.
rgds Rob

does anyone have photos depicting the wiring i cant campare my car to his due to so many things were removed like emmisions and electronic distributer to blue point distributer. this 80 is in remarkaber shape and im concerned about his problemHe does not know to much of the history of this car and the original owner died. this car has less tgan 17,000 miles its only like the cars you read about in garage finds if i get a chance ill take a photo and post it but if anyone has a photo you can email me at jim;)

you guys are the greatest going the extra mile to help no other organization or collectors would help as much. you guys are the greatest thanks again jim gelbman member:@:D

Hope the pictures I sent you of the 1978 MGB (US spec) and the 1980 MGB-LE (US) will help you out Jim.
Will send more next week when required.
rgds from Bali.

guys i found out the guy that owned the car originally had a radio suppressor added it to the car to stop radio noise on the radio thanks for the help on the problem jim:D