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MG with Tow Bar.

This is the weirdest request yet.!

Wanted one MG with a tow bar for 2 hours work in the Maidstone area to drive about 4 miles quite soon £250 quid.
What you will be towing will be a trailer-Hearse. Yep a deceased person inside a coffin towed behind a MG.

A company has phoned me, no wind up, as they use a Scooter & other classic cars to do this job but they, after being on TV (Posh Porn) the other week now need a MGB as requested by the family to do this job.

Have a look at their web site and see what you think

Contact Steve Wink on
079737 14621
& tell him that Bob Hubbard gave you his details

Bob Hubbard

Steve Wink hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!. Are you sure B0b???.

I have a towbar you can borrow on Sunday for Karens if tou like 🙂

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Got one under a my US-LE and the car has right color for such an event ......... but won't travel to the UK.