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Mgb jubilee restoration

hi just a quick msg to say I am the new owner of a mgb jubilee, I have just started a company specializing in restoring classic cars, however this will be the first mgb we have had in and will probably need some advice along the way of the rebuild, as it has been stood up for many years, I know it's hard to put a value on some things like this as it's what people are willing to pay however do owners on here think the car will make around 3-4k when restored with new interior and paint ect or would anyone be interested, many thanks


I am restoring my BGT Jubilee, I'm just starting on the wheel refurbishment. I know the wheels were powder coated in 2002/4. The aluminium centre of the wheel has corroded and lifted the coating. If you tap the paint, it comes off in flakes. Unfortunately, trying to get the rest of the coating off is proving very difficult, paint stripper doesn't seem to touch it, so its scape it off mechanically. There may be good powder coating and bad powder coating but what I cannot ignore, is that the powder coating is so thick that all the nice sharp detail, cast into the wheel centre-piece has been lost. All the edges are rounded, and certain areas are filled with coating. If you watch many of the TV motor rebuild programmes, they nearly all recommend powder coating. On one programme, Classic Care Restorers they were doing up a Porsche with silver rims/black centre, it was noticeable that they were resprayed by hand. I've not heard anyone mention that powder coating dulls the casting detail and hand spraying is a better way to go where intricate casting details are involved. It could be, that the wheels I have were badly coated with no thought for detail. Anyway, if you bear this in mind, it may be of some help should you need to refurbish your wheels. Cheers!