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MGBGT-LE uk. reg. JRX44W

In Autoworld, a car museum in Brussels, Belgium was in the periode Augst 25th. till September 16th. a special stand for the MGB's 50th birthday.
One of the cars on display was a nice looking MGBGT-LE with a UK registration on on, JRX44W.
I do not know wheather that number should be with the car or was for display only, I have also a bundle of car registrations in my garage which I can use for display on a car show.
The owner - according the information - is a Mr. Alexander Bossaert, a member of the MGCC Belgium.
On the website (sorry it is in flamish/dutch) the pictures can still be seen.
It was mentioned to me that the car would be on display there beforehand by the belgian owner of a fake LHD MGB-GT LE (actually a 1974 1/2 US car is disguiss) who I met in Luxembourg in July.

i have this one listed as le build no 830 so persumably its correct last i knew of according to my records it was auctioned in 2007 so thanks rob i can update that now:p

Hi Micky...I haven't got that one on my list-is it safe to add it?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break



Bumped into a Jubilee JTG 979N in a shop car park in Sandhurst Camberley.
Is it a member's car? Is it known to us?

Chris 😀

excellent chris one i havent got!!!!if you find him again can you let him know we can tell him the build no in exchange for the chassis no or if its original the engine no.:D

Ah !!! Now I used to see this one ( Jubilee JTG 979N ) on a fairly regular basis in the same area. Mostly early on Friday mornings heading for the Superstore car-park at the Meadows. ( Other equally good Superstores are available btw ). Always driven by a middle aged young lady and the car looks like its in good used every day condition. Didn't get a wave-wave out of the driver though even in the Jube.
And it is always difficult to turn round on that road.
Will keep my eyes peeled.
Tony & Julie.

yes please,its rare these days to find a unknown jubileeB)

Yes, I saw this car on Monday 1st October at Aldi's not half a mile from the Meadows.

Unfortunately I didnot catch site of the owner.
I took a couple of (misty) pictures of it on my phone see if these links work:

Chris 😀