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MGBGTV8 wheels. Safety Fast Dec 2013.

There is an interesting item on page 46 of the above magazine. One Clive Wheatley is organising re-manufacture of the 'BGTV8 wheels but in 15 in rather than 14 in and they come with wheel centres. So bigger brakes ! I assume the polished finish could be painted over in the gold / black Jubilee colours. There is no mention of cost but perhaps an " expression of possible interest" might be in order probably through the MGCC V8 Register.
It would be interesting to hear of any of our Jubilee members who try these. I hear there is a much larger selection of tyres for 15 in wheels rather than 14 in ones.

Cheers All,

Three of my MGB's do run on 15" tyres i.o. 14", looks better to my opinion, a LE-GT and a US-LE on minilite type and my ex wire wheel UK-LE on center knock-off minilite type.
Once I did own a MG RV8 and I remember that when I hear the name Clive Wheatley my wallet got serious cramps.
So, wonder what prize the V8 guru has in mind for these 15" V8/Jube wheels.