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NEC 13th - 15th November 2020


It's been a long time since we have had a Club event so it's now time for me to put finger to key board & get things moving.

As you all know the LE's are celebrating their 40th Anniversary in 2020 and we want to celebrate and showcase this at exhibitions and shows. The NEC Classic Car Show are always on the ball and have sent me a Club application form. This is the biggest & best car show in the UK and it is a great platform to showcase our cars and club.  The date is to set up on Thursday 12th November 2020 for the show dates running from 13th to 15th November 2020. No solid details as yet on the times or  details, but we get to the show early to set up and go as soon as we can. Cars can not be remove before the end of the show. Details of this (if we get excepted ) end of May 2020. All costs are down to you but you will get a Car pass to get in plus 2 FREE tickets for you & your passenger for the entire event. Spare tickets may be available but not sure as yet.
If you are interested please let me know on this post & I will get in touch with further details. As always I operate on a first come basis for acceptance for Club Stands.
Kind Regards

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Bob Hubbard

Bob, again you can show my roadster if you want to



I will help to man the stand if you wish, and if you  need another car to support the LE roadster and GT 40th and Jubliee 45th can bring my Black one



Wow so quick with the offers, Thanks guys. As soon as I get more info I shall let you know more.


Bob Hubbard

If we do get a stand at the NEC this year I will be staying at The Ibis Styles B40 1PQ which is just a short walk from the show.

Bob Hubbard

Just a bit of an update from the NEC.


Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery including The Classic Motorbike Show

I wanted to update you about The MGB Jubilee & L.E. Owners Club application for a club stand at November’s CMS as I realise in a normal year we would have finalised the show layout and issued stand offers by this point.

Due to Covid-19, Clarion Events are currently working with other event organisers, venues and government to develop guidelines for a new way of presenting events which are safe and secure for all involved.  As I am sure you can appreciate, this unavoidably requires changes to the show layout, access procedures etc.

I can assure you that we are putting all our efforts into delivering a fantastic meeting of the community at our flagship event in November.  As soon as plans are finalised I will be in touch with further news.  Thank you for your patience in these challenging and unprecedented times.

Bob Hubbard

Bob, looking at the list of clubs with stands, looks like you have not been granted a space. Is that true?

Hi Colin. Looking at the web site they have not put us on yet. I had this Email come through yesterday. Looks like we need to wait another couple of weeks. it's all a bit Tit's up at the moment due to Covid. I'm quite surprised that the show is going ahead. This is the Email below. As soon as I get anything I will let every one knoe.


Planning is well underway for the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, this November. We cannot wait to bring the classic car community together again now the government has given the green light!

The show team, along with colleagues within our business, and peers across the events organising industry, have been working hard to put measures in place to ensure what we deliver provides all our attendees with confidence that they are in as safe and secure environment as possible.

Key elements include:
• Temperature checking upon arrival and compulsory face coverings
• Strict exhibitor and contractor scheduling during build up and breakdown
• Social distancing managed in line with the latest government advice
• Enhanced cleaning regime across the venue throughout the show period
• Contactless payments encouraged
• One and two-way aisles to enable easy visitor navigation to help maintain physical distancing

Vehicle club stand update
The layout of club stands is nearly finalised. Clubs will be contacted in the coming week or two by our Club Coodinator to let you know if your club is successful in being offered a stand.
Bob Hubbard

Not much of an update but just to let you all know, They have been in touch again & I am still pushing for a stand. Things have changed for the setting out for the show with wider isles etc so some restrictions will apply. As soon as I get a firm acceptance or refusal I will let you know.


Bob Hubbard

Thanks Bob 🙂

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