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Hi Bob, I am sure that all the members are upset on your behalf, we all know how hard you work to show support to the organised events, we all thank you and ask you not to give up there is always another year and another event. If we get past this period in time we all will be better people and enjoy life and our cars even more than before.

Regards to all, Andrew Devereux

I would like to echo Andrews comments and thank Bob for all his efforts in getting JULE a stand at the NEC.

Lets all look forward to a much better year in 2021.


I'm just upset that we can't have a club BEER UP this year after a day on the stand

Bob Hubbard

This year has been very strange, and I echo the comments already made re Bob and the shows he has helped to organise and run. Lets hope we can start 2021 with a good show at Stoneleigh.