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NEC Classic Motor Show 9 to 11 Nov 18

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NEC Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 9 – 11 November 2018.

I am going to try & get a stand for this show as it has always been a good show for our club. We need 3 cars for our club display; you will get 2 FREE tickets per car per day. More details later.
Any one interested? If so put your name down or Email me with your contact details. Set up date 8th Nov

I thought that you would be interested to know that applications have now opened for the NEC Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show with Discovery, 9 – 11 November 2018.
The order in which applications are received has no bearing on the selection process,.
The deadline for receipt of applications for next year’s show is 14th March 2018, after which the stand allocation process takes place in April/May and we will confirm if we are able to offer your club a stand by the end of May 2018.
We are happy to say that the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show with Discovery this year attracted close to 71,000 people this year. To find out more about show highlights and competition winners, the post-show press release is now available:

Bob Hubbard

I might come over to be on the stand - if we're granted to be present - like in 2015, but can't bring a full scale car in my luggage.

Thanks Rob. It would be good to see you again. We will not know if we have a stand untill the end of May 2018. The selection process starts on 14 March.

Bob Hubbard

Well we have done it again another stand for the Jubilee & Limited Edition's MGB's at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Shownov 9 ? 11 Nov 2018.
We will be in Hall 3 Stand 250. This is oppisite The Panther Car Club and 3 stands away from The MG Owners and Lancasters Pride & Joy display.
I am lookind for 3 cars, 1 might be Karens as I cant be botherd to hang around in a van for 3 hours after the show to take the display back home.
Not shure about the exact details as yet bet we should be setting up on Thursday 8 Nov at at certain time and go ASP after closing on Sunday 11 Nov. Cars can not leave before these times but you can come & go as you please. 2 tickets per day will be issued to you for free entry but that is it, no money, except knowing that your car was once on display at the UK largest and best classic car show.
I will be staying at the Ibis Budget Birming Airport which is basicly on the NEC Complex and within walking distance.
If you are interested in displaying your car then drop me a line & I will try & provide more details.
Kind Regards
Bob Hubbard

Bob Hubbard

I have had an offer from Martyn of his USA LE which I have excepted to have on our stand.
One space left!

Bob Hubbard

I could bring my LE Roadster over, as seen at Stoneleigh, if you want it
Colin (977):p

Yes please Colin.
I like to operate on a first come first gets it policy. You won!
It will be nice to have a 3 Roadster stand.
All details will be sent out as & when I get them.

Bob Hubbard

Just an update.
This show has yet again proven to be most popular with our members and as a result we have more than enough cars to fill our stand.

Unfortunately, as a result not all of the cars can not fit on the stand an I am going to turn some down. I will contact you soon regarding this.

Michelle Stanford, our club historian will also be in attendance along with her Jubilee. She will be brining a huge amount of information along about our cars.

I have not had any more from the organisers apart from a lot of forms to fill in and info for the press but when I do I shall pass it on.

Bob Hubbard

Any update on which cars you want for the stand?


Bob Hubbard
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