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New Home For Junior

Hello everyone; my name is Phil Cogdell and myself and Liz are the proud new owners of the Jubilee JNR. We are delighted with our purchase and really looking forward to it being delivered next week.  The car is in superb original order and appears to be almost in showroom condition. We live near Yelverton in west Devon which is a most beautiful area and I'm sure Junior will be very happy in her new home.  As well as classic cars we are also classic boat enthusiasts and own a 1904 Looe Lugger (photo attached) which we sail to classic boat festivals on the south coast and Brittany coast. Having sold my TR4a 2 years ago which I restored from the ground up, I have been looking for another car to take its place.  We are very excited and pleased that we have found such a beautiful MGB.  We would like to express our thanks to the previous owners for keeping it in such good order.  We fully intend to use Junior, albeit in dry weather and hope to see some of you around and about.  Phil and Liz

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Good looking car. Hope you enjoy it.


Bob Hubbard