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New parts - is cheap good?

Just as a final comment from me - I sent back the broken link to the popular MGB supplier after a truely uninspiring conversation with a bloke there ("Hi, the link you sold me broke before it was even fitted..... " "Oh, thats not good is it ... send it back to us" ) and eventually was sent another which is clearly from a different batch and looks quite a bit more substantial.

However the letter I sent with the broken one was stuffed in the returned package. I had suggested they check with the supplier etc. There was no other communication from them.

So: No mention of replacing the one on the other side, no reassurance that this is not a regular problem with their parts in general or this part in particular, I had to foot the bill for return postage, no apology of any sort.

In the end I don't feel reassured and so am unlikely to return to them for anything else.

I sent for 2 new links from Mechspec I think as I just didn't want to refit their items. Oh well......why didn't they realise that just replacing an item in this situation does not equate to good customer service?

I purchased a new brass radiator plug (ready for my v8) from the same supplier as your link arm and having just tried it found it falls srtaight into the threaded hole:@:( . I was worried that the rad (which is a new high flow Radtec one) which I purchased really,really cheaply through eBay ages ago maybe suspect but fortunately is fine pheeeeeew!!!!:D. -obviously the little China man or Indian man couldn't read the spec sheet properly (I don't mean to offend anyone with that).

Why is it so difficult to obtain a quality product these days-lets put the Victorian 'Great' back into Great Britain and stop thinking always about the price!!!

Sometimes I get so frustrated with so called progress:@:@

Moan over-I think!!

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break