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New Regalia (Poll)

Although my idea of the poll was sound in practice it doesn't work very well (so I will be closing it) but thanks to all of your kind PM's it is pretty obvious that by and large it is definitely something of interest to you.

The list, in order of popularity is as follows-

Polo Shirts/Sweat shirts
Key Rings
Tax disc holder
Watches/wall clocks
Pens/Note pads

That's probably enough to start with but if you have any other ideas please let me know (I have now found an engraver who is very reasonable if you have ideas with that in mind)

I look into the above and let you all know over the coming weeks

Best regards


If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I like the clock with the register number


Good Idear & in that order as well

Bob Hubbard

I definately like the Polo Shirt idea

Would be good for shows as a kinda "mobile" advertising of the site sort of thing, plus I like a nice Polo for shows!

Polo shirts and caps really do stand out at classic car shows;). Seems like everyone is wearing a polo shirt or similar with their chosen make of car on. I even saw a guy at oulton pk on Saturday wearing a Ferrari fleece and cap as he drove past in his 356 maranello or something like that, (sorry, call me a heathen but all these new ferraris look the same to me.:)).