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O Series MGB LE

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Go on do it:)

Bob Hubbard

LHD ???? :p


Behave you lot I have too many already :D:D it is a great car (well sorted) and the only v8 roadster to come out of Abindon plus it was one of only 3 carb development cars for the O series/UK market...

All this won't come cheap but more importantly than that it is very sad that Don is having to part with her 🙁

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Yes,I would think his best sales method would be a Classic Auction
With the provenance,as they say in auction circles,it should make a good price.;);)
Has it had any owners besides Don?
I agree that its sad Don is having to part with her,:( is he giving up driving,how old is he?

He's the only owner other than Abingdon..

No he's not giving up driving but he is now well into his 80's so guessing he's wanting something more comfortable....he spent years on his J2 but sadly sold that as it was not easy to drive 🙁

Just seems a sad day when Mr. MG has to put down his keys for the last time but maybe its just me being a soppy sod 😉

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

The price for the car is between £10 & £12 K.
Too much for me, might buy a Jag in stead

Bob Hubbard

Bob and or Colin,
If that's what Don wants for his V8 with it's history,snap his hand off.At the right auction it would make over double that
You see V8 converted roadsters at over £20k now and surely a one owner car (and Don Haytor at that) must be worth more.

I've already got my quota but that is a good price but guessing it will go much higher.

You could do with a nice rag top tho john 😉

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Sadly,I don't think Margaret would br best pleased if I bought it:(
But,I've got a tax exempt rag top anyway and it's red with a straight six engine (4.2):D:D
We had a great week in Ireland.Drove about 1,200 miles in the 2+2 so it's done about 2,000 now since the rebuild was finished at end of September
.Didn't use any oil at all which for an old XK engine is pretty remarkableB)B)
Off to Ross on Wye and Westbury on Severn (for lunch)in it tomorrow.:D:D
so hope the weather is OK

Just seen this Month's Safety Fast .Advert and short article about Don's MGB being for sale.
Best Offer by January 1st.

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