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Original Jubilee steering wheel Ebay

When I had a Jubilee I was looking for it and couldn't get one, here is one on Ebay UK for sale at the moment:

Or Ebay UK advertisement # 1514 7498 4995 (w/o spaces in between)


Only 3 spokes? My LE wheel has 4! B)

As a matter of facts the Jubilee steering wheels are the same as standard steering wheels of the common B's in those days expect they spokes were black i.o. alu color and the middle had a gold/yellow background round the MG logo. 😀

The (UK) LE wheels are just plain and simple standard steering wheels like all B's from MY 1977 exept the middle MG logo has a red background i.o. black for the common B's which is actually the same as in the LE wheels. 🙁