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Original jubilee Steering Wheel for Sale

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Wow! That has taken you some considerable effort! Hope the finished product pleases you. B)
My LE Roadster came with a Motalita wood lined wheel that had clearly suffered over some years and was splitting and splintering, it was also tooo thin for me to grip comfortably so I bought a Mountenay 14" leather clad one which has a comfortable grip, but I find my GT with its original 15" wheel easier to use simply because I need to apply less effort on the wider diameter wheel (need to work out a bit probably?!! 🙂

I'm sure the finished wooden product will look fine, but are the three spokes of the steering wheel not bend ?
The light reflects in a way that I would assume they are not straight anymore ?

BTW Moss sells a wooden steering wheel with the three spokes in shining aluminum witch fits the original boss also, only the wheel has a sightly larger diameter as the original MG wheel.


Your right Rob, the spokes are bent, at some time in past the wheel was removed and refitted with engineering glue I had a hell of a time getting it off of the column, not having a puller all I could do was to keep rocking it holding the rim.
I've thought about buying a new one but the original would be left rotting in my garage which would be a shame

There's a bloke in Solihull who makes wooden rim repair kits for E Types.They are about £40 +Vat. I used one and it worked well only needed gluing light sanding and varnishing. Alot less effort than a complete DIY

May well go down that route if it doesn't work out, thanks John

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