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Owner of LE Roadster HFR 91W

Hello LE Owners, my wife once owned the above registration MGB LE Roadster, (sold it from Lincolnshire early 90's)  and is keen to know how it is?  It is registered on here with JULE ID 54, she would really love to know how her old car is doing.  If you are the owner named and don't mind letting her know, that would really be very much appreciated.


You could find the name of the owner using the JULE Database on this site, and then look in the Forum Members section to find the owner to message him privately.

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Hi & Welcome

Your old LE is currently registered to Brian Dempsey. As mentioned above by Ian please feel free to send bRian a personal message.


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Thanks to Ian and Colin, will have a look and do as you suggest.