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Potential get Together in the South

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Hi Martyn, I know we spoke at a Wessex club night about it - but just for completeness count me in.


Hi Everyone

Sorry for delay in coming up with a date.

I have been busy of late but may be able to organise something  in early October,

Hope to meet a few fellow members at MGB 60 at the British Motor Museum in September



Hello fellow owners.

I am hoping several pf us are going to the MGB60 celebrations this Sunday at Gaydon. I note that if we want to be parked together in the special area,we need to arrive in convoy. Is it possible/ practical for us to do this before we go in? As I recall there is an area that may be able to accomodate us temporarily just opposite the main entrance into the museum site. I am staying in Banbury the night before so a time to meet to suit others is not a problem.

With regards to the potential get together in the South, Matyn, I am away in France in October so hope the date chosen allows me to attend.


I am meeting another Jubilee at the Esso petrol station near to Gaydon on Sunday morning at 9am.

All Jubilees and LEs welcome to join us so we can arrive together and hopefully get parked together.



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Ian Burton

Hope to meet other members on Sunday, I will be there early as have volunteered for marshalling and  am certain that it will be a really fantastic day.


It was good to see many JULE Cars at MGB 60 yesterday.

Whilst I have been trying to organise a JULE get together in the South this year, time seems to have overtaken me and I will aim to get something organised for early 2023, hope that this will be suitable for everyone

Yes good to meet other JULE car owners at Gaydon.

Look forward to a get together in the south post Xmas. Get all those jobs done in the meantime!


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