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"Clunck" from behind

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Great set of pictures - I will have to do mine as well I think....

My 1981 LE Roadster gave a clunck from the off-side rear wheel that was only heard when driving with hood up. Rear axel and drive shatfs/bearings OK. Replaced rear springs and associated plates and other bits only to find it still there! Undid the Spax shockers which were still working effectively and lo and behold the clunck was gone. Refitted Spax and have learned not to use the hood on a roadster. Not a hi tech solution but a fresh look at clunck problem.Ross B

Are you sure it isn't loose spokes on one of your wheels?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

No definately not loose spokes as these were tested initially. I only undid the Spax but left the wheels on and all the spokes in place for the road test after other bits (springs , links bushes etc) were renewed. No clunks with the hood stored so the mystery remains unsolved. RossB NB I have replaced the axel with an axle - should have gone either to Specsavers or to Spellcheckers:|.

H-E-L-P . . . .

I've hit the Pinion Pin to hard, and now it's "locking" the pinion from spinning roun 🙁

How do I manage to 'put it in again' ao I can rotate the diff in correct angle to remove the locking pin (the big one, that is) ???

I saw that mentioned on the You tube links.

Can you make up a tourniquets and then riggle it back into position far enough for you to turn the carrier?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

I managed to put a small screwdriver in the locking-pin hole, then 'jack' it back into position hten I managed to turn the diff far enough to remove the pinion pin the correct way.

Thanks for the answer, though!

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