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RE: LE Roadster Stolen.

Such a shame & I did not have that onr on my records so it would have been a new one for me.
By the way its number 883 in the record sheet

Bob Hubbard

Hi Everyone,

I am hoping you can help us look out for the car that was stolen from us yesterday (Thursday 28th August 2014), it has been reported to the police as stolen and all the following information is with the police.

A chap (who told us his name was George) and his mechanic came to view the car.
He was 60+ with a broad yorkshire accent and told us he lived in North Yorkshire, made out he was computer illiterate at his age and not that savvy with all this modern technology (we now believe this was a con to make us think he was a nice old man!)
The phone number we had contact with him on is 07955 935 315 (we are attaching this so that all your members can save this number as a potential thief and contact the police if he contacts them to purchase anything they have for sale)
He was around 5ft 9”, quite plump, grey hair slightly over his ears in length (not short back and sides)
The mechanic was mid to late 40’s, 5ft 10” medium build, slightly tanned / olive skinned with dark, quiff like hair.

The mechanic was driving the car around the yard whilst ‘George’ looked at the paperwork - he said he wanted to get his glasses out of his car and 2 minutes later they were both gone.

The car:
MGB LE Roadster
Bronze with black roof and interior - photos attached.
Reg: MPR 10W
Details: Bright car, no rust, not concourse but a good example

After a few calls to ‘George’ he then called back to say his name was Mr Knowles and it was a repossession of his own car which he had had stolen in March, however it is HPI clear and the police have no record of this, so we suspect this is part of a con / delaying tactic, giving them time to get away / change the plates etc.
We have no V5, just had the green slip which is not uncommon in the car trade - which they now have.

Please if you have any information about the car or Mr Knowles could you contact us or the police. A crime reference number can be given should you need verification.

Please could you also pass this information on to everyone who you think may be able to help us trace the culprits and hopefully get our car back.

Thank you in advance

Melanie and Ed Gibson

t: 0116 247 0644 / 07970 464 360
e: /

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Bob Hubbard

Pardon my French but what a bunch of Bastards!!!!! Can't someone just call him as someone else wanting to buy the car and do to him what he's done? Keeping the police involved of course, as an undercover sting operation:-)


Bob Hubbard