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Re LE wheels


i own a 1981 GT LE one of the wheels has started to rust with the paint coming off. Looking on various web sites some offer chrome wheels but none seem to have the painted wheels that my car has,  can I buy one or possibly two grey painted wheels and if so from where ?






john Carter

Hello John,

If you own a 1981 MGB GT LE then the wheels should be the special MGB GT LE  alloy  wheels and not painted wheels. If you google MGB GT LE you will find many sites and information about the MGB GT LE. The LE also came from the factory painted in a Metalic Pewter colour paint and with silver decal sripes and an MGB logo low down along the left and right sides.

Success with your resarch via Google and wish you lots of fun.

Best regards,





Many thanks for the reply the car is definitely an LE it did have the stickers on both sides and as you can see it is painted in pewter paint. The wheels are painted although the spare does look as if it was chromed  I wonder if I can find someone who can restore the existing wheels


thanks again







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Morning John.

Just had a look through my files, most missing now. Could you give me your vin number & I could give you a bit more info on your GT.

As regarding the wheels, don't know where in the country you live but I would have them restored to Dimond Cut Finish. Not only will this bring them back to their very best but also make them air tight again & also they were made for your car  "212" had them & the others had Wire wheels but also they are date stamped. A = Jan, B = Feb, C = March ETC then the year  Don't forget the red centre MG logo.  I have added some photos for you, hope they make sense.



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Bob Hubbard

Many thanks for your reply

the car was purchased by my father new in 1981 when he died in 2000 I inherited it, presently  it has covered 46500 miles I have every MOT from new, so know this is genuine. Oilpresure is 70 psi on start up and does not drop to less than 50 even when hot.

registration number is TNM80W

VIN number is GVGEJ1AG520030

I have renewed or had renewed the normal bits breaks and tyres also the starter motor went several years ago

we live and the car was purchased in Hertfordshire

thanks again for your help it is really nice to find further details of the MG as it is the last thing I have from my dad I would never sell it




Hi John.

Thanks for your Email.

I can tell you that it's defiantly a LE GT, number 278, born on(made) 28/08/1980.

Kind regards


Bob Hubbard