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I completed the rear cooling pipe today & got the engine back in the car. I mounted the coil pack in its correct location. It's not too far from the original location in the Omega so the HT leads fit quite well. I also got the throttle cable installed but I think the cable I got is a little long so I shall try to find a shorter one. It also looks like the heater pipes are going to route just like I had imagined. I just need to visit Car Builder Solutions and buy some appropriately sized pipe to make it work.

I think I'm 2 hose clamps and a few gallons of petrol away from starting this thing 🙂

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If you build it, they will come

Got loads of little jobs done:

  • Got the heater plumbed in, including a heater valve
  • wired an oil pressure light because I don't have the oil pressure gauge plumbed in yet
  • Added an engine earthing point
  • Wired up the starter motor

Loads more to do yet. It's looking quite messy at the moment.

Also, I span the engine over to prove I have oil pressure. I'm going to fetch a few gallons of fuel tomorrow and see if I can get it to fire up. I won't have a cooling system yet or exhausts so it will only be running for literally a few seconds.

If you build it, they will come

I met my target of getting it started in August and, as expected, all I had to do was add fuel.

If you build it, they will come

I knew I'd be revisiting the fuel pump thing when I put it in-tank without a swirl pot. However, seems this is also an issue on the donor vehicle (an Impreza). Subaru's own fix was to add a plastic box around the fuel pickup and this is easily reproducible in a DIY fashion. I think I will be doing this at some point.


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If you build it, they will come

I hauled the engine out again hopefully for the last time now. I had to some jobs to do which would be much easier with the engine out & considering I'm well practiced, I thought I'd pull it out to make my life easier

Jobs done..

  • Finish the clutch hard pipe on the gearbox which I was hoping to do in the car but turns out I just didn't have enough room.
  • Create the gearbox end of the flexible pipe
  • Create clutch master cylinder hard pipe & bracket
  • Create front-to-rear brake pipe front section
  • Create offside front brake pipe
  • Put the reverse light switch wiring loom in place & roughly position the o2 sensor wire

I'm waiting on some more cunifer so I can create the nearside front brake pipe and then the engine can go back in.

I did, however, temporarily plumb in the clutch & I'm happy to say it works fine! This pleasantly surprises me because the clutch master has been dry for 20+yrs and the slave for probably 10yrs. And, what are the chances that an MGB master would even be remotely appropriately sized for a Vauxhall slave?

And, my missus bought me an essential accessory 🙂

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If you build it, they will come

I got the engine back in today having completed the front brake pipes, clutch pipe & wiring loom for the gearbox. I now have a working clutch. I have also tidied up the wiring for the alternator, starter motor and main loom. I wasn't happy with the amount of wires connecting to the starter motor, especially considering it was so close to a hot exhaust manifold so I got an auxiliary junction box. It looks much neater now. And, I've got a radiator top hose sorted. Seems the Omega hose fitted perfectly. Just got to sort a bottom hose now.

Next step, go see a man about a propshaft.

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If you build it, they will come

Spent some time last night getting the shifter back in place. I also measured the axle to gearbox flange distance & went to see a local propshaft specialist. Seems they can make me a new prop quite quickly and easily. I've just got to ask a friend if he'll make me a solid alloy guibo to adapt the gearbox output flange to the prop UJ flange.

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If you build it, they will come

I've spent the last couple of evenings getting new bearings into the hubs & bolting up the front suspension. I've got brand new V8 brake discs & Princess calipers. They look great & fit under the LE wheels without fouling (and without spacers).

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If you build it, they will come

I've been managing to get one small job done every evening in the last week. In no particular order:-

  • Wired and mounted the new horns I picked up for a fiver from Car Builder Solutions
  • Sorted the wiring for the rear fog lights
  • Mounted and wired the wiper motors
  • Tidied up the alternator wire (but not complete yet)
  • Cleaned the centre console and laid it in the car just so it looks more complete than it actually is 😀
  • Scratched my head a dozen times pondering how I'm going to plumb in the intake

My LE seats are in a bad way and would need at least re-covering and perhaps even new cushions, so I also managed to pick up a decent set of MX5 seats for a really good price.

I have all the bits I need for the propshaft adapter and I'm off to see my friend tomorrow to get it made. Hopefully, the prop will be fitted in November!

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If you build it, they will come

We're another step closer to this car being on the road. My friend Nick has spent a lot of time machining the propshaft adapter on his lathe & it fits perfectly. I'm extremely grateful to him for doing this. It's not something I could make myself and not something I could buy off the shelf. It converts the 3-bolt gearbox flange & spigot to a standard 4 bolt propshaft flange like MG as standard on their propshafts. This means I can easily get a new one made at my local propshaft shop. All that remains is for me to measure it several times very carefully & get the prop ordered. I hope to get that completed within a week or so.

I've also made a few more steps towards completing the braking system. The rear flexi hose is now in place. I spent some time considering clearance & routing issues for the front flexi hoses but think I've now got that sorted. I'm 2 washers & a brake failure switch away from filling & bleeding the braking system.

I've also got a bottom hose for the cooling system. This means I could fill it with coolant today and it should be water tight. However, I want to take the radiator to my local repair shop first & get them to solder a boss for a fan switch. I'd rather do this than use an adapter in the top hose.

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If you build it, they will come