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road tax .

Hello I am a newish member and have a LE roadster built in October 1981 but I am having great difficulty in trying to tax it as historic , my

post office scan the log book and the computer says no, having tried this 3 times I gave up and sent log v5 , mot exemption form , copies of MOT

insurance and build date certificate this was 3 weeks ago but have heard nothing since , Is anyone having the same problem . Thanks .

Hello Ian, mine wasn't registered until 1996 but it says on my V5 "declared manufactured 1980". So if you have sent a Heritage Certificate along with all the paperwork to prove the date of manufacture, there shouldn't be a problem. Three weeks is not a long time to wait under the present circumstances. I did mine at a Post Office on 1st April but I still haven't got the new V5 back yet.

I have heard of difficulties at some Post Offices though.