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Sandblasting Jubilee wheels

My wheels are very much letting the look of my MG down quite a bit, and I need to restore them.

I tried sanding the spare wheel down using sanding paper, tools and other such elbow grease, but becasue of the shape of the wheel, it just takes so very long.

I have found places that sandblast, but they are actually powdercoating companies and don't seem to like the idea of me paying less money just to get the wheels sandblasted and not powder coated.

Does anyone know of any good places that is reasonably priced to get all my five weels sandblasted so I can continue to restore them.


I had a jubilee a few years ago and used a company in eynsham oxford to do my wheels, they sandblasted them for me and powder coated the correct gold afterwards i the masked up the required areas and spray painted the black where needed. (ended up superb )

Oxford industrial refinishers

Talk to Colin.

Regards Steve Weston B)

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Sean Devine

Or you can contact these people

RJ Spratley
Unit 2
The Hayes Business Park
West Midlands
01384 893576

They recevied wheels like this

And then turned them out like this

This company actually split the rim from the centre, paint and put back together, which gaurantees the paint finish.

They set me back £494.50. I sent the knackered four and a wheel to paint match. The price included courier from Kent to their warehouse and then back to Kent

Very nice, but that price must've stung a little.

I want to save a bit of cash for another part of the MG by spraying them myself.

It's just getting all the crap off them thats the problem.

To be honest I thought it was going to be more, but at £80 more or less a wheel when split and all the labour put into it, its actaully not a bad price. Plus they do really set the car off, and the finish is great.

If you spray them yourself good luck!

I did my wheel myself. got the gold paint match with clear laquer and the semi gloss black. shot blasted all five wheels both sides then sprayed them gold and laquer them them spent 40 mins per wheel masking them out to put on the semi gloss black paint end result was amazing total spent was a mere £100 and a good weeks work. why pay more?

Hi The wheels look great! This project is on the to do list for my car. My car received a full body restoration in 1995. At that time the wheel caps were replaced and painted gold. The gold paint is now coming off the wheel caps. I was told there is a little surface rust on the inside of the wheels and so they need to be repainted. What is the paint code for the gold paint? Also I believe the original motor was painted black but presently my motor is light rust in color. Were the motors in these cars painted black and the paint has come off or did they not bother to paint the motors?
Thanks, Dick Mullins

Hi Dick

Firstly all the 18V engines were painted black. Secondly ford solar gold is a close match but you also might want to speak to Steve (via Michelle Sandford) as he has worked hard at matching the colour up for the wheels on their Jube. As you are probably aware the original wheels had a metallic flek in the paint and as my wheels still have their original paint I will be trying to get an exact match made up but his won't be for a while.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Thanks, I will use this paint on my wheels and paint the wheel caps the proper black, I will have the motor painted black when it is time to replace the clutch and the main seal and I will have the engine bay repainted at that time as well.
Dick Mullins