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Silver Jubilee Midget

Just found this car for sale in Kent seems to have a interesting history.


Now here is a rarity, we believe it is the only one produced, albeit badge engineering as they used to do.
This has had a very extensive restoration with lots of panels replaced or repaired, together with a bare metal respray, apart from the badge on the rear of the car, which we had to retain to prove authenticity.
Mechanically in excellent condition it has covered less than 44,000 miles in its life, a new carpet set and vinyl hood complete with header rail have been fitted.
Originally supplied by Premier Motor Group from their Gillingham in Kent branch as can be seen from the registration number PMG 109R.
The restoration of this lovely car has cost us many thousands of pounds more than we are asking for it but it is a vehicle that we think should be preserved.
It can be yours for £6500.00

Bob Hubbard

this one has been up for sale for ages and the seller is as dodgy as...

the seller also sells replica side decal sets and has also asked the vlub for a set for the Jubilee (obviously to copy) plus he has created an GTLE Replica from a russet brown car...

all i will say is that all that glitters is not gold 😮

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

That probably explains the almost 'modest' price then for a car that should be as rare as 'hen's teeth'! 😉 If it is real and the only one surely the price would have another zero at the end? Or were lots of these produced?

I am going to order a new silver stripe for my (ropy) blue 1975 BGT. As you will all be aware MG only made one c/b car in 1975 and I have it. £6500 anyone?

Originally supplied by the Premier Motor Group in Kent hence the PMG registration....What? ???!!!

MG is not a Kent registration and I'd of thought that the MG factory would have registered it in Oxfordshire, as the blue silver jubilee GT was.

Have never heard of this Midget apart from it being advertised before.

An interesting car if it's real though.


with you Richard never heard of it. I agree with colin its been for sale for a long time, if memory serves me right its in thanet in kent, does the premier motor group still exist might be worth doing some digging.