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Skalliwag Reborn

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At last Skaliwag passed its MOT today, in the rain too! 😀

Now to fit side stripes & then mud flaps and anything else I can find time for (like the new carpets chrome wheels!)

Picture sent to Colin for attachment hopefully.


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Congratulations Chris

Bob Hubbard

Congratulations Chris.

It looks great. I assume you will be bring it to Stoneleigh, I am sure if you are it will be the star of our stand. I will try to park mine one or two cars away from yours!


See what you think when you see it at Stoneleigh. Not finished (will it ever be?) but it is now wearing its stripes again B)


Yeyyyy!!!!did you fit them Chris?

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

If you haven't already sourced one, I'd recommend a new hood with zip out rear window. It will make a major improvement if the rear window is showing signs of becoming translucent.

The chrome spoked wheels will make a big difference too!

Best of luck with the finishing off and keep the bumpers polished!


Jubilee-Man wrote:
Yeyyyy!!!!did you fit them Chris?

Yes, quite tricky ironing out the wrinkles (mostly with the back of my thumb nail!) but they are on now as are the chrome wheels B)


New hood will be later this year..... 😉

Need to top up the money pot before someone notices that it is empty:)


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