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Stainless Steel Wheel Nuts For Your Jubilee?

Pedro posted a message asking about obtaining stainless steel wheel nuts his Jubilee. He has ironically stolen my thunder somewhat as this is on my list of group buy suggestions but as he has asked I shall post this now.

Firsty I have tried purchasing these in the past for my V8's but never with much success over the quality-they either didn't fit/the head size was larger than it should be or the material was too soft leading to issues with rounding of the flats when tightened.

Firstly if anyone has had success in obtaining these anywhere please let me know.

If not (and if there is enough interest) I'll ask some of the local machine shops I use to look into quoting for a good quality item. In the meantime if any of you are interested (in theory) at this stage then please add your name to this thread and I'll keep you informed?

Interested parties thus far


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