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Superflex Bush Discount Structure


As you will know I have been approaching a few manufacturers recently with the aim to set up discounts for the club.

Here is the first and it is with Superflex. For those don't know they produce good quality polyeurothane bushes to replace the standard rubber item. The benefits are improved suspension geometry and much longer lasting than the original bushes. Their website is

They have offered the following sliding scale of discounts vs spend and having done some checking if (for example) five members wanted the full front and rear kit (which retails at £148 plus vat) then it would be subject to a 35% discount which would bring the price (inc. vat) to £113. Having checked online the best price I have found is £118 + £10 delivery (which is high-I think it should only cost £4-5 max).

Front & Rear Kit MGB 1962-80

Spend before vat based on their retail prices attached

£150-274= 25% discount
£275-299= 27.5%
£400-524= 30%
£525-674= 32.5%
£675-1049= 35%
£1050-1824= 37.5%
£1825+ = 40%

I have enclosed a list of bushes as they are supplied individually rather than in sets and can obviously be ordered that way. I Spend before vat based on their retail prices attached
have not actually set up an account with them yet until I know whether there will be enough interest but I'd be very interested to know your thoughts

Uploaded files:
  • superflex_bush_list_mgb.jpg
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