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The 500,000th B to roll off of the line

For those that don't subscribe to the Safety Fast Rob de Joode has kindly sent in the following article from this months copy all about the 1/2 millionth MGB...Thanks Rob

For a larger copy please use this link

Hi Colin,

How is your engine transplant going on ?
Today I received my April 2010 copy of "Safety Fast".
On page 92 is an article about the 500,000th MGB, copy enclosed.
Funny is that they do not indicate that it is in fact an US Limited Edition,
vin: GVVDJ2AG509313 which is now is possession of Moss Motors in Goleta, California - USA and still only has a few miles on the clock.
I also enclose I scanned page 29 of Ken Smith's book about the US LE, of which book I have a copy of corse.

In the top picture in the Safety Fast article it is visable that the car is LHD (steering wheel), has LE weels and US side lights, also the silvergrey LE striping is not put on the car.

The middle photo in this article shows sign R.I.P. is a MG Midget.
The lower picture shows two MGB's with US side lights, the black one is rather certain an USLE, because according records known in the last years black was only available for the USLE in the US.

Perhaps nice to put the pages on JULE website.

Best regards
Rob de Joode
(Rob-USLE on JULE)

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