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Thoughts on Tyre Choices

Hi all

I noted Colin's much earlier thread relating to 'which tyre size' for our Jubilee's, but thought it might be worthwhile opening a discussion on preferred or recommended tyres. The main reason for this, is I need to change the Michelin MXTs that were on LCK when I got him; they are well over year of use and showing real signs of crazing and I have an even worse Uniroyal on the spare 😮

So, recommendations please on a 175/70 R14 84T for good all-round grip and low road noise; not worried about wear as I (like many) will never reach the limit of the tyre before it likely goes over year of use.

Currently considering Yokohama following a recommendation from the workshop team at Swavesey this weekend, but open to suggestion.

I'll also be changing all 5 inner tubes at the same time, so thoughts on those are equally welcome.

I should also have mentioned that I will be looking to do the same on LHO at some point before Winter too, so the advice will be put to immediate use.

Both cars are still set at factory ride height, although I am considering dropping LHO to pre-74 limits as I intend to use him a lot more and would therefore benefit from the improved handling.

I used to have Michelin fitted to my Jubilee but I found that they were not all that good in the wet, no grip. I do have Firestones on Karens B quite good & quite good looking on the side wall.

Bob Hubbard