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Uprating/upgraded Brakes

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ok, thanks for the information.

I had the car looked at for a quote for bodywork and respray a few weeks ago, and the guy instantly told me that the car had had new brakes and drums fitted and new pads.

So I'm inclined to assume the problem is is the actual system, hoses, and such.

Its not really that the pedal travels too far, as it travels a resonable amount, but is just a lot stronger on the second pump of the pedal and hardly travels at all.

So I will follow your procedures and probably just go about replacing all the componets with new ones, as hoses and such aren't a pricey as other parts for the car are they.

I had this just before my brake servo failed. Have you got any loss of fluid from the cylinder at all? Any loss of fluid without no trace could mean this, as it leaks into the body of the cylinder. Could be the servo vacuum hose?

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