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Valve spring problems - wrong head ?

Hi Id be really grateful if anyone can shed any light on this strange problem. The car is a 1980 GT in good condition, running reasonably well.

I took the rocker cover off to check a slight oil leak. I noticed the spring on the no 2 inlet valve was fully expanded had moved up above the spring cap, which had sheared off all around the edge, so it was doing nothing! Strangely the engine seems to have double springs so the inner one was still holding the valve up. ( i thought all later cars had just one spring ??) The engine is the original and she has done 47k miles from new.

So this seems very worrying, if one could go what about the rest ? Has someone been changing the head or valve springs and using non matching parts ? Anyone heard of anything similar happening !?

Any ideas ???

I guess I'm forced to take the head off as the weak spring may have allowed the seat to burn / spoil ?? what do you think ? Very difficult / impossible to replace the spring without that anyway ? although I read about the ingenious methods suggested here above - very clever !! ?

The head ser nos is 12h 47 36 COUNTY. Does anyone know is this the original ?

Any advice / ideas much appreciated !

Regards Mike up in the North ... [Leeds ]

I would have thought it would be single springs not two, bit over the top.

Bob Hubbard


Firstly all later heads were single spring although the earlier double valve spring will fit the 18v engine.

The reference on your head is correct for your model year however County is an Engineering firm (used to be based in Guildford-Guildford Autos & an engineering side in Bracknell called XRN Engineering, I worked there back in the 90's but it has since been privately bought out by the workshop manager) so I am guessing that they converted it to double spring.

Personally I would remove the head and have it professionally checked as like you say you have been pretty lucky not to have dropped a valve.

good luck

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Thanks guys that is really interesting. Yes I am worried about the possibility of further similar problems.
Very interesting about the engineering firm - they must have cast these heads then ? Initially Im trying to get a replacement spring and cap etc - MGOC are unsure how to identify it - no wonder ?

Many thanks your advice much appreciated ! Regards Mike

here are some pics of the trouble - ever seen anything like this ? !!

Regards Mike

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Pics a re a pain to add... basically they need to be no larger than 640x480 and the image ref must not have any spaces ... if you still have problems then just mail to me and I'll post for you.

that looks like a fairly home grown spring retainer and in ali ???

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break

Close up

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If it ain't broken don't try to fix it as if you do it will definitely break